Harry Potter fans launch Cards Against Muggles game

Harry Potter fans just launched the popular party game for CAH, lets explore what this fun will be do with your shit mind!.

My Friends! Cards Against Muggles was out good news!

Get Cards Against Muggles Now!

So you are words against humanity fan! Cards Against Muggles  was same core of Cards Against Humanity card game which people complete fill on blank cards to make funny political Laughter.

Cards Against Muggles

Wizard lover funs were created this shit new game Cards Against Muggles‘ is a new game inspired by J.K. Rowling’s wizarding world  that’s great!

This cards of humanity was made for one thing, its mad for (FANS) but it’s not for sale now as it was launched on 16/03/2017

To order this funny Cards Against Muggles you just need to wait or register your email for waiting list and we will let you know the launch date.

Where to buy Cards Against Muggles?

Right now it was not available worldwide! But it will be available for people located at US.

The creator said it’s designed by home made by Horrible people funs and it’s available for creator group currently. They are sold out the Cards Against Muggles and they are not sure the next launch, but usually it will be available soon.

What about the price?

The price will be 55$ plus a shipping fee! Am already know the cards against humanity in store price is 25$ like Amazon store or any local store near me.

What do you think the price will be for this Harry Potter fan?

Do you think the price will be lower or higher than 55$? Please leave your opinion.

Do you need to get the Horrible laughs card game? Get cards against humanity

Thank you for reading and go now to some fun games!

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